Generate Backup Power for Your Home or Business

Generate Backup Power for Your Home or Business

Install a backup generator at your Edison, NJ property

A power outage can be a put a major strain on your day. If you run a business, you may have to deal with a loss of productivity. If you’re at home, you may lose the conveniences of entertainment and communication. You can rely on Ampcore Electric LLC of Edison, NJ to install a backup generator. We have over 22 years of experience with generators, and we’re licensed and insured to handle residential generator installations. We also offer generator service and maintenance for industrial and commercial generators.

You can reach us at 732-549-0412 to learn more about our generator services.

3 reasons to install a backup generator on your property

When the power goes out, what do you do? You don’t have to sit in the dark and wait for the problem to be resolved. Here are a few reasons to install a generator:

1. Improve productivity and comfort when the power goes out at home
2. Preserve the refrigerated goods in your restaurant or store
3. Stay connected to communication and health-related devices

Be prepared when the power goes out with the help of Ampcore Electric LLC.