Our Trucks Will Rise to the Challenge

Our Trucks Will Rise to the Challenge

Find bucket truck electrical services in Edison, NJ

There are some jobs you can’t handle with the tools you have in your supply closet. When a set of flood lights or a parking lot light goes out, it’s going to take more than a ladder and a tool box to fix it. Ampcore Electric LLC of Edison, NJ offers bucket truck electrical services to complete electrical work that may be just out of your reach. Scaling multiple stories and handling electrical malfunctions is dangerous and can be difficult without the proper training experience. You can count on us to hop into our bucket truck and solve the problem for you.

Dial 732-549-0412 to learn more about our bucket truck services.

We’re on top of your out-of-reach electrical problems

Our professionals are licensed and insured to operate bucket trucks and complete outdoor electrical work. We often employ our bucket trucks to repair or install:

  • Parking lot signs and banners
  • Holiday lights
  • Lighted signs
  • Outdoor lighting
  • And other outdoor electrical components

You can rely on Ampcore Electric LLC to complete your multi-story electrical tasks.